Multi-Subwoofer Voicecoil Temperature Sensor Kit (Four)


2 week build time from time of purchase

Transmitter Module

Receiver Module

2.4in. OLED Display w/lead

4-temperature sensors w/60″ Leads

15ft. TX Module to RX Module Connection Cable

Custom module and display cases available, please email us to discuss availability of colors. If not special request is made the kit will come with either black or grey cases or a combination of both.

Super Fast Refresh Rate

Please do not modify any component included with each kit. Let us know of any special requests.

Nelo Media and it’s partners will not accept responsibility for damaged subwoofers. The NMCS is a tool that is designed to give you a different perspective on your subwoofers you typically wouldn’t have. It is up to you to operate your system within it’s limitations (OR NOT 😉


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