NeloVision IVM V1 Highly Accurate Android App Monitored Voltmeter


NeloVision IVM V1 Voltmeter

Displays(LV)Low Voltage (HV)High Voltage (SV) Starting Voltage and (CV) Current Voltage with a very fast refresh rate

Android App Interface (Not available on iOS operating systems at this time) , See your readings in REAL TIME on a Compatible Android Phone, Tablet, or Android based device. Works in both Portrait and Landscape Modes

Can be used in conjunction with the optional NeloVision PPC Slim V1 to display your voltage readings with the NeloVision App

NeloVision Connect V2 WiFi Connected Add-On 2.5″ OLED Wireless Display + Holster

Screen Share  your device to your larger display on compatible devices

operates from 4-20VDC  (V2 will operate up to 25VDC)

Removable Phoenix Connector screw-down Terminals

Available in just about any color to match your build at no additional charge! Just use the contact form below to submit your request.



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